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Willow Interiors Team

   Willow Interiors is a bespoke Interior design studio and Modular Manufacturing firm based in Bangalore. With over 9 years of experience and immersion in the UAE and INDIAN interior industry, the founders bring in expertise from various levels, introducing you to a new realm of creativity and experience. Being agnostic in their approach, the emphasis extends beyond Design & Manufacturing and is reflected at every stage. 

    Willow Interiors take pride in being a tech-aided manufacturing space, who have achieved the highest automation in the industry using SOTA digital tools, driven by procedural algorithms, resulting in impeccable products.

     The Team is known for pushing boundaries and creating spaces that represent their clients and have successfully put up templates in place with abundant ideas and concepts to create spaces to grow in to dream within, to create stories and memories worth treasuring. Willow Interiors offer premium design solutions in the residential, commercial and hospitality sector.

Once At willow, there is no looking back

Meet Our Team

Willow Interiors brings you the most experienced and passionate individuals from the industry who as a team have been designing the most beautiful homes for you.

Willow Interiors manufacturin Unit

Our Interior Manufacturing Facility

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